Creature Quest Dungeon Challenge Defense Guide


Creature Quest features 3 unique game play modes that should all be taken advantage of to make the most progress possible. In this article, I will be focusing on the PvP (player versus player) Dungeon Challenge mode from a defensive point of view to better help you design a formidable defense in order to repel would-be attackers.

This posting will be using knowledge/terminology previously discussed in my New Player’s Guide.

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What is the Dungeon Challenge?

Challenge Dungeons are the weekly PvP (player versus player) ladder. You are able to create a dungeon with your own various sized creatures and then use your Challenge Points to attack other players. Each offensive and defensive victory awards Prestige (points that correspond to your numerical ranking) while failed defenses lose Prestige. There is no penalty for failing an offense. To better facilitate fairer match-making, players are divided up into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. Continue reading Creature Quest Dungeon Challenge Defense Guide

Creature Quest Beginner’s Guide


To all my regular readers, this is not the latest Puzzle and Dragons update and I still plan on producing PAD related content. Creature Quest is another game I have begun to play which I greatly enjoy. I have seduced quite a few of my friends into playing and I realized I tend to repeat the same beginning advice over and over again. As such, why not formally write about it as that was partially one of the reasons to start creating content for Puzzle and Dragons.

If you are reading this, I do encourage you to at least try Creature Quest out as it is quite fun and addicting as it combines many aspects that I look for in a video game.


Creature Quest is a relatively new mobile game that combines questing, collecting, and weekly PvP/PvE tournaments into one great adventure. Some of the key elements I look for in a game are continuous replay value as well as rewarding gameplay.

Creature Quest utilizes a Gatcha-collection system in that you can gamble Diamonds (premium currency) for creatures of varying value. In addition, you can also acquire rare and powerful creatures from the 3 distinct gameplay modes that are essential for success. While Creature Quest utilizes a Freemium structure (free to play, but option of In-App Purchases/IAP), it is not a Pay-to-Win game as everything is farmable to a certain extent. Furthermore, the PvP aspect relies on using creatures of varying sizes for success and you are unable to populate it with only Legendary cards.

The combat system is an elaborate rock paper scissors game in that each element is strong against one type while weak against another (often referred to the Colour Counter Flowchart). This prevents “optimal” teams as you will have to be flexible when team building to counter the dungeon at hand. This also means you should try to resist becoming overly attached to a single creature as they will have to be rotated in and out as required as you can only use 5 at a time.

I enjoy the fact that playing the game is tremendously rewarding as each gameplay mode offers incredible rewards and keeps me motivated to continuously play. The randomness through Questing or summoning new Creatures is exciting and having Guilds adds an extra layer of community within Creature Quest. In addition, the in game text/descriptions are quite punny and the animated characters, special effect noises, and soothing music all contribute to the overall positive experience.

This article will help guide newer player through all the different components of the game along with tips and tricks to fully optimize your game play.

If you wish to read a comprehensive Dungeon Defense Guide, please check out my other article HERE.

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Before I discuss the gameplay, it is important to understand the various currencies available in Creature Quest. All of these have different applications are important to manage wisely. Continue reading Creature Quest Beginner’s Guide