Creature Quest Dungeon Challenge Offense Guide


Creature Quest features 3 unique game play modes that should all be taken advantage of to make the most progress possible. In this article, I will be focusing on the PvP (player versus player) Dungeon Challenge mode from a offensive point of view to better help you tackle your opponent’s dungeons with greater consistency. I will be covering how Prestige and attacking works, basic team building compositions, and in-game strategies for playing through their dungeons.

This posting will be using knowledge/terminology previously discussed in my New Player’s Guide as well as Dungeon Defense Guide.

Video commentary

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What is the Dungeon Challenge?

Challenge Dungeons are the weekly PvP (player versus player) ladder. You are able to create a dungeon with your own various sized creatures and then use your Challenge Points to attack other players. Each offensive and defensive victory awards Prestige (points that correspond to your numerical ranking) while failed defenses lose Prestige. There is no penalty for failing an offense. To better facilitate fairer match-making, players are divided up into Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. Continue reading Creature Quest Dungeon Challenge Offense Guide