Suggestions for Improving Creature Quest


Creature Quest is a well-developed game that still has room for improvement due to the relative youth overall. Furthermore, VCME takes player feedback very seriously and is receptive to suggestions and criticism. As such, I have devised numerous suggestions that I feel can help advance the game forward from at least a Quality of Life perspective based on my extensive mobile gaming experience.

The main goal of this post is to start a conversation that will hopefully be seen by VCME as well as providing a medium for community opinions overall. Thus, feel free to leave your own thoughts and suggestions as how you would improve Creature Quest without advancing the rate of Powercreep.

Combo dot rollover

Having Individual Variance (IV) is a dangerous thing in any game as you can essentially acquire a less ideal version of a Creature. This is probably most notable in Fire Emblem Heroes, but CQ has it as well. Now, the IV level is not as dramatic, but rolling a 3-dot Legendary can sometimes feel hallow, especially if you invest in it, awaken, and totem it to only summon a 4-dot down the road. To help combat this, I propose a combo-dot rollover system. This rollover system would have you fuse the new 4 (or higher dot) card to the old one that can act as an awakening, but will allow you to accept the new dots and replace the old ones. Thus, my 3-dot legendary that had some awakenings and full totems can still keep all of these and have it’s combo dot count increased from the new card (which is consumed).

This will immediately improve the overall happiness of players and the willingness to actually invest in non-4 dot Creatures as their hard work will not go to waste and they simply enjoy the upgrade. Your first thought acquiring a 4-dot should be elation and not disappointment knowing you wasted all those resources beforehand. This would also be great for your smaller creatures as you often do not want to invest in a 2-dot epic/rare/common and often clog up your entire storage space waiting (I went 100+ Lizardmen and no 3 or 4 dot). This can help combat the 250 max space (I come from a game where I have 1,500+ space) and people can work on more Creatures at once. It can also promote further replay value for chasing a higher combo dot Creature even if it is already fully awoken.
I feel the rollover system is better than an item that increases combo dot count as that would accelerate powercreep too fast as well as providing security to players that invest in 3-dot legendaries as they know their gems/totems/awakenings are safe if they summon/acquire a 4-dot down the road.

PvP battle history

It would be helpful to see which floor a Creature died on which can be indicated by a red number instead of the slash in the PvP battle log.

This will help lend insight as to where your dungeon is doing well and where it needs improvement

Combo-dot sets

Players work so hard to perfect their combo dot synergy, but it will often result in a Creature being unable to be used across different team. As such, it would be nice if a Creature could store two unique combo dot sets that can be changed at will to better use them on different teams (can only use 1 set per encounter)

You would still be able to reroll one set of dots while keeping the other intact

Uses for higher end materials – Change how Tomes work

High end evolution materials are somewhat worthless and the Tomes, fragments, and Sigils have a much higher demand by comparison. It is not efficient to replay lower level content due to the poor drop rates and it forces players to open the common or rare token chests instead.

Compendiums should also have some usage for Tome Swaps as they are technically the upgraded form of a Tome.

Mass Token Chest opening

Since we are somewhat forced to open common/rare chests, it would be nice if we could mass open them (same price) to speed up the process as the animations are quite slow.

Different PvP end times

I live in PST and the event ends at 4pm for myself. I don’t know if there is any chance for having different time zone Dungeon Challenge groups, but it would be helpful as the last 2 hours is where most of the action occurs.

Monthly Quests

The key to the longevity of any game is replay value and the incentive to play. By having Monthly Quests (can be thought of as limited time achievements) will give players something to continuously work towards as well as giving a modest stream of rewards as the current achievements dry up quite quickly.

Fire Emblem Heroes has a good system in place for Monthly Quests and building something along those lines can be beneficial.

Some interesting ideas could be earn 5,000 Prestige over the course of a month (losses don’t bring it down) for additional Challenge Orbs, Defeat X number of Creatures for tickets, etc.

Furthermore, providing more varied rewards for items would be enticing as Tokens, Totems, and Tickets are somewhat difficult to come by.

New achievements

Monthly Quests would solve this issue, but having possibly more end-game achievements would be nice, Kingdoms will probably introduce this though.

Option to recycle Creatures in dungeon completion screen

Once again, due to the box space being limited to 250, it would be ideal to have a Recycle creatures feature in the dungeon completion screen. This will allow players to immediately get rid of any junk to streamline their questing progress as you do not have to go back and forth between menus.

By extension, there could be a replay dungeon button for the Battle Tower levels.

Large Essences

Greater Essences are the most valuable currency in the game and should never be used on Large Creatures. As such, having a middle Essence would alleviate this problem. It will also provide more dungeon defense diversity as more Creatures can be used instead of the same few all the time.

This could be one of the Battle Tower rewards somewhere around 35-40 range.

Dungeon preview screen showing elements featured/potential Creature spawns

Due to the Battle Tower being revamped to heavily award on-colour damage points, it would be nice if the screen shown before entering would indicate what colour appears in the dungeon or display the potential spawns along with the boss.

This would be helpful as at this time, people are relying on memory, spreadsheets, or notes to min/max their score or farming potential.

Cap on Prestige losses

For those players who tend to be in the top 10 on a regular basis, there is nothing more demoralizing than losing hundreds of points from a single defense lost. Even with the revenge back, they would still be a few hundred Prestige out which doesn’t quite feel right.

As such, introducing a cap on Prestige loss (150-175) will make it feel less painful. Gains can still remain the same (thus a player could gain a few hundred), but a failed defense is less punishing overall.

Guild chat filters

Some people love the auto-announcements, others don’t. Having selective filters would keep everyone happy as it can cut down on the clutter.

Some guilds use their guild chat for regular communication as they don’t have access to a third party platform like Discord.

Difficulty above king

King has become easier overtime due to Powercreep and more players gaining fully totem-ed teams and more awakenings. As such, having a difficulty above would be great as it improves the PvE experience.

With a higher difficulty, it should be more rewarding from a Creature drop rate and treasure point of view. To add to the excitement, you could disable the option to Quick Battle. As such, it would feel more rewarding as you need to manually clear the level, but the loot should be worth the effort.

Drop rates

When I first started playing 90 days ago, the Epic drop rate was simply amazing and am guessing it floated around 80%? Sadly, I didn’t play enough to fully take advantage of it and the drop rates were horribly nerfed to around 20-25% on King?

This is not a fun experience as you spend 150 or so energy to full clear a Quest to only walk away empty handed for the 10th time in a row (my current experience with Appeasing Poppa).

I told my viewers that one of the best aspects of the game was the ability to farm powerful Creatures which lowered the dependency on IAP/Summoning as you can build viable teams  with the epics provided. This still holds true, but the sheer grind is not for the average player.

Returning the drop rates to the older format would greatly boost morale overall. Furthermore, a higher drop rate would help combat the combo-dot problem of chasing 3/4 dots.

If the drop rate of Creatures were increased overall, the chances of acquiring something that is 3/4 dot organically goes up without actually shifting their individual rates just because you have more chances. This can apply to regular Questing and the Battle Tower and would synergize beautifully with the Combo-Dot Rollover system I initially suggested.

Merchants displaying how many of each item you own

Not everyone has a photographic memory and it would be wonderful if merchants would display how many of each item you currently own in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

Take away bonus damage to small/medium

Unless Kingdoms dramatically change things, changing the bonus damage to small/medium should be switched to large/boss. This will open up the potential to use many more Creatures in Dungeon defense as only a handful are truly worthwhile overall and will at least give purpose to others that players have in 3-4 dots.

More Quests for specific items

Presently speaking, only the Wealthiest Tavern yields a meaningful item reward as the current Totem quest barely drop more than other alternatives.

Thus, having Quests that are aimed at rewarding a heftier amount of Tokens, Tickets, and Totems will provide some diversity and allow players to pursue items that are meaningful to them. You could even cycle these throughout the week along the lines of the Wealthiest Tavern.


Creature Quest does become better with each passing update, but still has room for improvement.

Which of these points do you feel is worthwhile and do you have any additional ideas for improvement?

Happy Questing!

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21 thoughts on “Suggestions for Improving Creature Quest”

  1. Addendum to the combo dot system you suggested: even being able to change just ONE dot to one of our choice would be extremely helpful.

    This could be accomplished by, say, paying a large amount of color-appropriate materials matching the color of the dot you want to implant.

    Even something a crazy as requiring a color-specific idol wouldn’t be too out of the question as we get a few of them each week as challenge rewards.


  2. The cap on prestige loss idea is poorly thought out. Prestige works like ELO. The math is supposed to balance the entire eco-system. However in a game like say chess, a brand new player can’t just challenge the world champion and gain way too much ELO. The problem isn’t that you lost 500 prestige in one battle, the problem is that someone who was that far beneath you even saw you appear as a choice for battle. Your system will end up clogging people’s choice of 3 with useless battles they don’t want to risk. On the flip side my system would mean you get what you want (no massive one hit loses) but the overall ecosystem would be kept intact, no prestige would be destroyed/inflated/deflated/etc. Better yet in my system if you’re being hit on revenge, the loss amount should be sky’s the limit. Making it riskier to farm lower level players. As is the point of MMR/ELO/etc in the first place.

    tl;dr your prestige suggestion is mathematically incorrect, but could easily be adjusted to work very well, imo.


    1. In case it wasn’t clear in my system what would change is the system for determining who you see in your attack options, limiting the options to scenarios that accomplish your goal. If say you’d gain more than 200-300 prestige from the attack that person simply won’t appear as an attack option (although revenge should imo still be fair game.)


      1. You raise a good point on how ELO works but at this point in time, you sometimes have the opportunity as a lower ranking player to hit someone significantly higher/above you which would not occur in something like Chess.

        So yeah, perhaps having that attack never taking place but still having the fear of revenge when farming low ranking players still existing. However, one thing I do notice is that some players join late into the event so they have very low prestige but should really be top 10 so things are probably going to be messy regardless.

        Despite best intentions, players near the top do tend to lose hundreds of prestige in the last 30 mins of an event (end of event is another problem in itself) and that I can only imagine how frustrating it is


  3. The Defense stat is worthless as it is now. Any creature with a decent Attack stat just ignores Defense entirely. It would be better if Defense worked as damage reduction instead.

    This would help creatures with low HP and high Defense, creatures that buff Defense such as Marid, and smaller creatures that are used in Dungeon Challenge.


  4. Be nice to be able to fast-forward the animations at the end of a quest (opening 5 chests etc.)

    More generally, moving from one activity to another is sluggish.


    1. And there appears to be no rationale for who goes in silver vs gold. An additional tier above gold could soften the transitions.


      1. I agree that more seamless transitions between various parts of the game or even a speed up button would be great.

        Sometimes you may want to watch the animations but most of the time you would probably rather skip

        As for the Gold/Silver/Bronze tiering, I have no idea how it actually works but there should def be more time in bronze/silver if you are not hitting top 10 etc


  5. I really like the idea of upgrading creatures with small dots by awakening them with one with more dots. Not just for legendaries but mostly for small and medium creatures.
    For example I’m currently sitting on 30ish tengu and panda and haven’t gotten one above 2 dots. If I don’t get at least a 3 dot they’re all getting trashed which feels bad.
    The only limitation I see is that no one would fully awaken until they have a 4 dot version, so maybe a separate customization option not linked to awakening would be better. You’d lose effectively one greater essence on legendaries but could push it to the limit if you have the resources without fear.


    1. Perhaps just having a combo rollover button that could result in an awakening. That way you will still fully awoken 2 dots and upgrade once you get a drop. I have made so many fully awoken 2 dots over the past 100 days because RNGesus is not kind


  6. I’d like to see more variation in team synergy. Abilities which increase damage taken from a particular color type (would need to be balanced), abilities which increase money or xp gained from battles (Ganesh wannabe) or more abilities which take advantage of certain debuffs. As of right now, combo dots and counters to enemies are the primary way to build synergy with your team.

    You hit all the QOL ones I wanted.


    1. Yeah something along the lines of PAD leader skills would be interesting. Or perhaps like the solo mode badges to create more diversity. Naturally, these have to be small bonuses but hopefully promote more team diversity


  7. if you can reroll combo dots, you will same creatures in every dungeon. Not so fun or good for the game. Since combo dots are hard to get you might use a “lesser” good creature just because he has more combo dots, which makes for a more fun dungeon pvp experience overall than seeing the same shit every time.


      1. It was a referense to your topic about able to upgrade creatures if you get one with more combo dots. I dont think thats a good idea. I do think they should increase the drop rates somewhat instead.


      2. Well the idea is if you had a 2-dot Rare that was fully awoken and a 3-dot dropped, you could rollover the new combo dots into the fully awoken 2-dot so you don’t have to refarm all the awakenings. Same applies to your epics and legendaries

        You still need to get lucky with the drop, it just protects your totems/awakenings


  8. A blog suggestion and shameless plug:
    It might be useful to make a post collecting recruit codes that people send you. I’m not sure how useful this would be, but I followed you from PAD into CQ and I would really like to get my friend code rewards… but I refuse to send out invites to people I know. Perhaps a list would help out new players, I know I redeemed a code found in the comments of your first CQ post.

    Anyways, my code is D2m5n5REz for anyone reading this and in need of a redemption code.


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