Legendary Creature Dungeon Offense Tier List


Creature Quest has over 50 different Legendary Creatures to choose from to populate your Dungeon Offense team with. However, they are not created equally and some are significantly stronger than others.

This tier list will be part of a larger project that will help rank all Legendary Creatures across three different categories: Dungeon Defense, Dungeon Offense, and PvE with an averaged rank assigned to better help gain an understanding of just how powerful your Creature is.

Remember, this is just one aspect of the game and many lower ranked Creatures here have amazing value in the other two game modes. Furthermore, due to the scarcity of 4-dots, owning a 4-dot Legendary will dramatically catapult their value/usage on your team as they can hit 16x multiplier.

On an unrelated note, the most Mantastic guild in Creature Quest is recruiting high performing players with the main goal of achieving top 3 and beyond (repeatedly top 10 finishes with one 4th). Feel free to ping me in discord Discord under the Creature Quest channel.

Video commentary

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Fine print

As with any tier list introduced, there will be certain degrees of personal bias or misrepresentation for certain Creatures. Based on my experience in making tier lists of a different game, the first inception will have the most room for movement/growth as it will become easier to shift cards around once the template has been laid.

**Ordering within each tier is not important**
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  • Assumes all Creatures are fully awoken and the same number of combo dots
  • Generally speaking, DoTs, AoE, Mends, and some hybrid Specials are lackluster
  • Random Targets work against Bosses but are poor for sniping Creatures in non-Boss waves
  • Anything with a relevant Counter Attack/Passive is tremendously powerful as they take effect outside of their Special Abilities
  • Colouring of a Creature is important as you have to remember what are the popular cards people are using in their dungeons
    • Thus, Fire Creatures are slightly stronger due to the Draconic Templar F1 Meta
    • Electric Creatures are slightly weaker for the same reason
    • Dark and Light Creatures have no resistance and tend to make stronger 16x/nuke candidates
  • Generally speaking, you will need to have 4 unique elements on your team to trigger 16x
  • If you own a 4-dot Creature that is heavily awoken, it will often make them more valuable than higher tier-ed, non-invested Legendary
  • Having Special Ability diversity is key
    • General set up is 1-2 Crowd control (stun/silence), a healer/off healer, damage nuke, flex as required
  • The current Meta is a 3-wave layout and the vast majority of dungeons currently use Draconic Templar or Light Elemental
Dungeon Offense Tier List – June 30, 2017




Dungeon Offense Tier List Criteria

S-ranked Creatures compose the best of the best from a dungeon offense point of view. These Creatures tend to have an innate tankiness that helps them survive challenging Floor 1’s while offering valuable Special Abilities for your team. In addition, some may have self healing abilities that help enable them to solo dungeons or persevere when others have died. Furthermore, they tend to occupy the strongest colour slot to help ensure your team has a someone comboing for 16x. S-tier Creatures also tend to have very well defined roles on your team as they do not dabble in hybrid abilities. Finally, they are all Single-Target oriented so none of their damage is wasted.

Creatures falling into A are still wonderful cards to own and they are sometimes only a small step down from S-tier. This is because they may simply not offer as much value overall, may be less durable or have a Creature of the same colour who is stronger overall (as you want to be rainbow for 16x). Furthermore, Electric Creatures tend to fall here as they will often die to 4-dot Draconic Templars on Floor 1. However, with that being said, they Creatures tend to have well defined roles that try not to become too much of a hybrid.

B-tier Creatures may be have some wasted damage via AoE, random targets, or slightly more varied Specials that are approaching a hybrid status. While these types of Specials are still meaningful, they may require careful planning and execution to use efficiently. However, some of these cards may excel in one role, but they are lacking in every other department and are often vulnerable targets that may require extensive babysitting to survive.
– –

Creatures in the C tier tend to be hybrid in nature which means they try to fulfill too many roles without excelling in anything in particular. These hybrid roles may extent to Mends (too slow for PvP), Buffs (LUK tends to be the best), Debuffs that are not applicable, or a melange of anything you can imagine. In addition, C characters may be heavily AoE-oriented which diminishes their potential for damaging a Boss or for sniping a dangerous target in non-Boss waves.

The D-tier Creatures comprise the weakest Dungeon Offense cards as the do not successfully fulfill any required role. They are often AoE in nature while providing less desired secondary effects. Overall their abilities may be too slow for success in PvP as they may require multiple casts to activate an additional benefit.

Notable Creatures

This section will discuss the notable or less explanatory Creatures on the tier list.

 Astral Watcher – S

Astral Watcher is on the newest Creatures available and is one of the most powerful cards available. He is able to provide a modest counterattack heal for himself and adjacent allies which is sometimes vital for surviving dangerous Floor 1’s. Furthermore, his ability to generate 30 mana to three targets help cycle your Specials while providing a large amount of healing with only a 4x multiplier.

However, it is his ability to resurrect dead allies combined with his amazing durability that heavily solidifies his S-ranking.

      Giants -S

The Giant series is the most powerful one available in Creature Quest. Not only do they have a high damage stun, they also have a beneficial secondary benefit, amazing durability, and largely relevant counterattack. You could probably get away with a full team of Giants and succeed in most scenarios. While the Thunder Giant is Electric (vulnerable to Draconic), the 60% chance to generate 70 mana means you can have a stun ready by turn 2 and neutralize several targets.

 Phoenix – S

The Phoenix is arguably the strongest Creature in the game from essentially every perspective because they have the ability to self-resurrect themselves with no penalty. This effectively means they have two HP pools while also possessing a potent self heal through their Special Ability. They can often solo dungeons as they can sustain themselves and survive through most Boss encounters. Furthermore, their incredible DoT damage does not need to be combo-ed which leads to overall higher damage output across the team.

 Vampire – S

Vampire may feel like an outlier in the S-tier, but he is a tremendously powerful Creature. He possesses one of the strongest single target nukes in the game (also has a high PWR stat) along with the strongest self heal available. Furthermore, he is able to spread the healing to adjacent allies. As such, he can act as a pseudo-healer and if your team’s combo dots are build around Dark, you can have him consistently remove a threat and heal injured team members. Furthermore, he is one of the best solo-Creatures when others have fallen and is responsible for a healthy amount of wins for Pancaaake’s account.

  Sandworm and Sphinx – A

Sandworm and Sphinx may possibly be ranked S if Draconic Templars did not exist. As such, it may be challenging to carry them through a 4-dot Templar wave and you may need to rely on a Resurrection to successfully use.

 Oathkeeper – A

Oathkeeper was once the best White Creature to use as he is durable while providing modest amounts of healing for your team along with a useful Protection buff (when things go wrong). However, Astral Watcher is just better in nearly every aspect outside of damage.

 Ancient Blue Dragon – A

While the Ancient Blue Dragon is very similar to Thunder Giant, their overall threat level is lower as most of their awakenings are designed to destroy Red Creatures while also not possessing any form of counter attack ability. Small nuances but keep him from pushing into S.

 Corrupted Angel – A

Corrupted Angel is tankier than Vampire, but his self healing is tied to deathblows which diminish his ability to solo bosses as effectively along with providing no benefits to his allies. Furthermore, Fatigue debuffs are situational at best.

However, due to the fact that he always comes out as 4-dot (through VIP 8), he may be your nuking option of choice for a large number of players.

  Druid & Kirin – B

Druid and Kirin are somewhat being pushed out by tanky off-healers such as Oathkeeper and Forest Giant. Furthermore, with the introduction of Astral Watcher, it is hard to justify their usage when given the choice. While Druid and Kirin have higher healing output, it is often not required along with suffering from exceptionally low HP and DEF stats which often leads to them being killed on Floor 1’s (more so now with Totems having an effect).

However, their Cleanse completely neutralizes a Phoenix, but the main issue is having them survive long enough.


Tier lists should always be taken with a grain of salt as your individual situation will vary along with most players not having fully awoken Legendaries. Furthermore, Creatures with 4-dots that have already been somewhat awoken will be significantly stronger than something that may be ranked higher that has not been developed.

It is my goal to have all three tier lists (Dungeon Defense, Dungeon Offense and PvE) completed before the next summoning event to better guide you in your decision making for whether or not to liberally Summon.

Let me know what you think about the rankings and if you would have certain Creatures ranked differently.

Happy Questing!

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14 thoughts on “Legendary Creature Dungeon Offense Tier List”

  1. my shaitan in invaluable to not get 1 shot from bosses with his attack/def buff and he buffs the damage of the specials of both my angel and cyclops which both scale of attack to ridicilous levels.
    Cant agree that hes in a c-tier. probably my best creature.. Sure he cant do anything on his own but you cant make a team of just damage dealers. stuns/cc can be resisted his buff is on even if he dies.


    1. I am glad you can understand why, but you have to remember that tier lists assume you own every single creature in the game and could build dream teams. Also, this list is a very narrow point of view (3 total game modes) so Shaitan and the other genies have the most success in PvE where their buffs have tremendous impact


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