Cerberus Review and Updated Tier List


The Cerberus is a new Legendary Creature will be added into the game during the upcoming summoning event. Generally speaking, any new Creature should be stronger than older/existing ones due to Powercreep (the slow increase of stronger Creatures over time) and Cerebrus is no exception. However, unlike Astral Watcher, he will not be as irreplaceable as Dark has many powerful competing Creatures for that slot. Furthermore, his awakenings, while powerful, are not as amazing until unlocking the final star (15 Greater Essences) and may often be better left unawoken due to the innate power of their base kit.

In addition to a review of Cerberus, this article will include an updated tier list for Offense and Defense along with his placement within them.

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Video commentary

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Cerberus at a glance

Cerberus is a Legendary Creature that can come with 3-4 Combo Dots and is able to reach level 90 (or 105 with awakenings). Furthermore, they have 6 Red-Star awakenings that can provide powerful additional benefits; however, while the final awakening is incredibly powerful, the previous ones are poor-average and you may be better off leaving them unawoken (or only using Dupes) and saving your Greater Essences for someone else. Continue reading Cerberus Review and Updated Tier List