Jabberwock, Updated Tier List, and Summoning Event Overview


The Jabberwock is a new Legendary Creature will be added into the game during the upcoming summoning event. Generally speaking, any new Creature should be stronger than older/existing ones due to Powercreep (the slow increase of stronger Creatures over time) and Jabberwock is no exception.

Jabberwock may not be as instrumental to your success compared to Green Giant, but Wood has been lacking a strong option for some time now. Due to his unique and interesting kit, Jabberwock will be a formidable Creature on your offensive line up due to his innate durability and lack of popular fire threats in PvP.

In addition to a review of Jabberwock, this article will include an updated tier list for Offense and Defense along with his placement within them.

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Video commentary

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Jabberwock at a glance

Jabberwock is a Legendary Creature that can come with 3-4 Combo Dots and is able to reach level 90 (or 105 with awakenings). Furthermore, they have 6 Red-Star awakenings that can provide powerful additional benefits. Jabberwock’s awakenings help him survive the current dungeon defense stunmeta as he is able to reduce up to 60% damage when awoken. Unfortunately, the final awakening does not have much applications at this current time as AoE damage is lackluster in both PvP and PvE.  Continue reading Jabberwock, Updated Tier List, and Summoning Event Overview

Shifts in the Battle Tower Meta – August 2, 2017


VCME has released another major update that both upgrades countless non-Legendary Creatures, but also revamps the Battle Tower scoring system. The goal of these changes is to create Creature diversity along with more meaningful usage of non-Legendary cards.

This article will provide some insight on the shifting meta and how to best take advantage of the changes in the Battle Tower

Video commentary

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Battle Tower changes

The Battle Tower has undergone numerous revamps to both excite and raise the level of competition for a top score. Prior to this update, the key to success was to abuse on-colour damage and aim for as much mana and health remaining as possible. Furthermore, resurrecting strategies worked wonders as you could easily revive a dead teammate and continue going.

However, this update has now shifted the focus to using size-specific Creatures and having no one die to ensure the highest survival score possible. Continue reading Shifts in the Battle Tower Meta – August 2, 2017