Updated Legendary Tier List for Dungeon Challenge 2.0 – August 31, 2017


VCME has been undergoing extensive testing and tweeking to help revitalize the PvP experience. Presently speaking, the current set up heavily favours empty first waves and all out stuns to lock down attackers. This is by no means a fun mechanic as it is almost akin to flipping a coin in whether or not you get lucky in defender’s special timers.

As such, the new DC 2.0 changes will significantly buff Boss waves by granting them Stun and Silence immunity for the first turn. This means they will always be able to cast their Specials as it will be impossible to kill before they attack (worst case scenario is that they are on a 3 turn timer upon entering). However, this only occurs if you completely fill out all of your dungeons which removes the empty-wave meta.

While there will be rotating colour buffs and Kingdoms playing a role, my new revisions to the tier list will only take into consideration the immunity to crowd control.

Video commentary

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Dungeon Challenge 2.0 buffs

With DC 2.0, dungeon defenders will receive rotating colour buffs but every week will always have bosses gaining stun/silence immunity to guarantee them casting a special first turn. This will greatly influence how Bosses function as we know for sure a special will be cast. This will also mean that there will need to be revisions to current attacking rosters as older strategies of stun -> nuke will not work in this new day and age. Continue reading Updated Legendary Tier List for Dungeon Challenge 2.0 – August 31, 2017