Updated Legendary Tier List – December 6th, 2017


No major changes have occurred since the last Tier List and defenses are starting to decline as more people catch up in Kingdom levels.

Kingdom Shrines could dramatically swing a fight in one person’s favour and was most profound upon release. However, as we climb higher and higher in levels, it becomes harder to continue upgrading.

This is because it becomes so costly when hitting above level 20 Shrines. This means more players begin to an equal footing compared to before and it is now Enchants that will play a major role moving forward.

With all that being said, Astral Watchers are still one of the most dominating Creatures along with White being the strongest colour overall. This has resulted in more players focusing on a dark-heavy floor one.

Finally, while no one is currently able to run enough dungeons to achieve boss stun/silence immunity, it will most likely happen some time in the distant future.

You can read about the most previous Tier List updates HERE.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Current Meta

The current PvP meta has now shifted towards nuke-oriented first floors that ideally try to remove key Creatures right away. This can be lethal when weaving favourable buffs/debuffs along with heavy Kingdom and Enchanting investment. However, the most popular colour to use is Dark in an attempt to curb the flow of Astral Watchers and other popular White cards.

Floor 2 and 3 tend to have less relevance as most of the fight is predetermined in the first few turns. As a result, the key to success is building and countering Floor 1.


Enchants are a new feature within Creature Quest as they allow for further customization. While there are countless different combinations available, there will naturally be those that are superior overall.

Generally speaking, the stat-boosting Enchants tend to be the most universally strong option, especially on their primary attribute.

if you wish to read my in-depth Enchanting article, please click HERE.

For the purposes of this article, it is assumed everyone has perfect Gold Enchants.

Kingdom shrines

For the sake of this article, it will assume everyone has equal Kingdom buffs. Amusingly, due to the steep rise in Kingdom costs, most players tend to be clumped around a similar level and thus more even playing field.

Updating Tier Lists

392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 Indicates a Creature has moved up that many tiers since the last posting.

arrow-down-red-300px Indicates a Creature has moved down that many tiers since the last posting.

Always assumes max awoken, equal number of Combo Dots, and optimal Enchants.

Debut Tier Lists along with further explanation can be found for Offense and Defense through their respective links.

Lists all assume fully awoken and equal Combo Dots. However, due to the scarcity of 4-dots, it is safe to assume a Creature may move up 1-2 tiers if they are your only 4-dot.

New criteria for Offense

Mana Funnel

Successful Offense teams are now built around funneling Mana into a specific Creature to instantly remove a floor 1 defender and Creatures that have exceptionally high base single target damage will be more favoured. Building upon that is the concept of using a favourable AoE ability that is comboed to 4x/8x to remove several threats.

For example, my older team funnels Mana into Phoenix to have their special ready every single turn if they are used first:

After acquiring new Creatures, I have modified my Offense team to this form where I am able to use my Gold PWR Oathkeeper to sweep an entire row (and heal almost 10k) with 8x combo. Also, having two White Creatures help divert damage away from each other.

Unfortunately or fortunately, no one is able to feasibly fill out 5 dungeons for the stun/silence immunity so it now the most important to find counters to wave 1.

I strongly suggest you check out my video detailing how to make a stronger Offense team:


Strong AoE

AoE or Area of Effect are Special Abilities that are able to deal damage to several targets. However, they tend to have lower base damage to compensate for this and can also be classified as strong or weak AoE.

Any special that randomly targets Creatures is feasible on Single Target but is horrible against multiple targets. This is because you will often fail to actually kill anything. In addition, abilities that deal significantly less damage to subsequent targets is considered weak as you may only remove one Creature.

Thus, you want to look for AoE Creatures who deal full damage to all targets to ensure multiple enemies die in one Special. However, all AoE Creatures require some form of combo to deal damage which can be risky if those colours die or are stunned.

From my above example, my Oathkeeper is able to hit 8x Combo and sweep an entire row as he deals full damage to all Creatures.

Pure damage is less powerful unless it is blisteringly high

If your Special is unable to kill a single target with no combo, it is not worth pursuing as a mana funnel as you would have been better off with an AoE ability to remove several threats. In addition, if you require 2x to remove one target, your mana funnel Creature will not have enough mana to cast again unless they have some form of mana generation via Deathblow.

One main problem arising now is the HP of defenders outpaces the PWR gains through Kingdom Shrines. This should also hold true for Enchants but we are still in the early stages of this new mechanic.

Creatures need to survive

Unless you are running a Resurrection Creature, fragile cards will be less desirable as they can be quickly removed from powerful Floor 1’s. Thus, many cards that were quite flimsy have been demoted accordingly.

It’s hard being Green

Presently speaking, Dungeon Floor 1’s tend to be heavily populated with Boarbarians and Wyverns. Both of these Creatures are some of the strongest Single Targets available and often one shot a Green Creature. By comparison, a Blue Creature is more favourable as they can easily deal with these Defenders and are being softly elevated in the Tier List.

Mono White/Black

Due to the overwhelming strength of colour counters, it becomes crucial to find solutions to challenging Floor 1’s. However, it can be difficult if using Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow Creatures as they are losing the rock/paper/scissors match too often (especially Green attackers).

Thus, it is advantageous to run several Creatures that are White or Black as they are more effective overall. This is because they are still vulnerable to their opposite colour but also strong at the same time. Furthermore, stacking several of the same colour leads to distractions as enemies will tend to have more scattered damage as they are now effective against multiple targets. This can lead to protection for valuable Creatures such as Astral Watcher.

Finally, it is wise to create your Mana Funnel on a Creature where there are multiple of the same colour. This will allow you to charge up a wider variety of actives based on the situation at hand.

Dungeon Offense Tier List – December 6, 2017












Changes explained

Peri A -> S

Peri continues the trend of White being the strongest colour in the game. Not only can he act as a mana funnel and clear a row with his Special, his buffs, cleanse, and heals enables him to fulfill a supportive role. Peri is best combined with other White Creatures to better protect each other.

i am moving Peri and not Valkyrie as Peri has more survivability and his row damage deals full damage to all targets.

Ancient Blue Dragon A -> S

Ancient Blue Dragon continues to climb steadily due to the Floor 1 meta being exceptionally Fire-heavy. This is due to VIP 6 providing a 4-dot Boarbarian and Wyvern being one of the best Medium Fliers available. As a result, it is quite common to see dungeons running 2 or more Fire Creatures along with Phoenix as the final boss.

This is perfect for Ancient Blue Dragon who has +75% damage against red along with resisting most of their debuffs. Thus, Ancient Blue Dragon becomes your Mana Funnel recipient as he can stun all enemies and kill all Red Creatures without any combo multiplier. This cycle can be repeated as you will be able to pick off threats easily.

 Minotaur Warchief B -> S

My initial predictions for Minotaur Warchief have come true as he is now one of the more popular Creatures to run as your Mana Funnel. This is because he has the ability to remove an entire row with relative ease along with only requiring 120 mana. Most other Creatures need 125-140 and this can give players an edge when rolling Combo Dots as you require less 4-dots overall.

 VIP 8 / Fallen Angel B -> S

Fallen Angel has the ability to produce 200% ATK splash on deathblow when fully awoken. This actually pushes him above the damage output of variuos other AoE characters while also being a favourable colour. In fact, with his scaling ATK component, he technically does more damage than his PWR cousins as he will pierce through the DEF more easily with only a single Enchant (can take +crit for Mercury).

This AoE damage should put him close to with Colossus as he can wipe out an entire floor as it is not restricted to row damage.

Perhaps the only downside is finding another dark Creature to act as a back up funnel while you combo Fallen Angel.

 Ice Queen B -> A

Ice Queen has the ability to silence all enemies for 2 turns when fully awoken while dealing reasonable damage to the row. This can be used as a way to nuke down one target at a time while stunning/silencing everyone else.

The Resist All Debuffs help prevent her from being incapacitated but her main weakness will always be her low HP and DEF.

  Jabberwok & Druid A-> B

Jabberwok and Druid are suffering from Fire-heavy Floor 1’s as they are far too fragile to survive and are often picked off in one hit. I am well aware the Druid has an HP buff coming soon, but unless it is going to push her well ahead of Green Giant (does not seem thematically feasible) she still won’t be able to compete. Furthermore, Druid has several wasted awakenings as her ability to excessively cleanse does little overall and should be reworked into something more meaningful.

 Tiamat A -> B

Tiamat is mostly a Boss killer which has little merit at this point in time as Floor 1 is where battles tend to be decided. He is still a strong Creature but won’t come into his full power until Bosses become the strongest part of a Dungeon.

 Gill Fiend C -> B

Gill Fiend debuted at C on his release as the Mana Drain mechanic is lackluster as an attacker. However, with the Meta shifting towards Mana Funnels and eliminating Floor 1, Gill Fiend has some merit.

Gill Fiend has a reasonably strong row attack that will wipe out Fire defenders with ease. Unfortunately, the Mana Drain does not prevent Specials from being cast by Defenders.

    Sandworm, Devil, Chimera, & Azura B -> C

Sandworm, Devil, Chimera, and Azura are being demoted to reflect their lower usage against the current Floor 1 meta. One may argue that Sandworm can stun a row but his damage is quite low and suffers from an inability to re-stun. In addition his counter attack tends to have less value as most Defenders are single target.

New criteria for Defense

Dungeon 2.0 changes how Dungeon Defenders work in that they gain immunity to Stun/Silence until they cast their first Special. This will automatically interrupt any hope of one shotting and grants more reliability. Thus, our choices for Defenders will have to shift as we now can play into the notion that we will have at least one Special landing.

This gives rise to more conditional abilities that require pre-existing conditions to be met as the buff/debuff will be put in place right away. Furthermore, we ideally want to remove as many threats as possible right away so more AOE-oriented Specials (that kill off someone) will become valuable. It is safe to assume that most Creatures will kill their colour counter so we need to look beyond that. Do note that random-target Specials are still less valuable as they will often not do enough damage.

Killing off at least 1 team member can disrupt their combo multiplier, remove their Stun/Silence, or their resurrection ability.

No one is able to feaisbly fill out all 5 dungeons so those above points are just thoughts to consider for the future. In addition, most of the focus is shifted to Floor 1’s and very few fights are won from the Boss floor.

Just bear in mind that a 4-dot Creature will often surpass higher-tiered alternatives with 3-dots. This list assumes all Creatures are 4-dots (which is unrealistic in practice).

Another point to keep in mind is that colour counters are even more effective as a Creature that is weak to another will have a significantly lower chance of landing their debuff statuses along with dealing half damage.

Stun was King

The Stun Meta was one of the least enjoyable mechanics as it was effectively flipping a coin as to whether or no the spawning floor had their Specials up. With the latest patch, Dungeon Defenders are no longer able to chain stun and each attacker will always be able to take at least one action before being stunned again.

This results in an indirect nerf to stun-heavy bosses as their greatest asset is no longer available.

Colour Counters are more meaningful

The latest update has given colour counters even more power when facing what they are effective against as they will be far less likely to become debuffed. What this means is that a Red Boss will be significantly less likely to be stunned by a Green Attacker. This also applies to Boss’s Specials against attackers.

What this means is that the popular meta cards will be able to effecitevly solo what they are effective against. This also means that Bosses that rely on debuffs are going to lose even more ground.

As a result, many bosses that used debuffs are now demoted and in all honesty, Wood bosses are now even more vulnerable to Phoenixes.

With all that being said, White and Black Bosses remain unchanged.

I am well aware that every boss has a counter and can be defeated with specific set ups but there are still some stronger options compared to others.

Dungeon Defense Tier List – December 6, 2017











Changes explained

Colossus A -> S

Colossus has gained amazing relevancy over the past few months as he has the strongest AoE in the game. Furthermore, with Enchants, he is able to become a truly terrifying monster as you are able to give him massive self healing through Gold Sulfur enchants. With Gold PWR, he should be able to two-shot an entire team and a crit will kill someone.

I already have my Oathkeeper with Gold PWR enchant (+778 PWR) and he hits for around 9k so Colossus should easily do more. Finally, that number jumps when you roll bonus damage against Large/Boss.

 Chimera A -> B

Chimera is just too slow in this day and age and is no where near the level of Phoenix in the DoT department.Furthermore, his damage reduction comes from targets being debuffed so he is quite vulnerable until the first Special cast.

   Abomination, Jabberwok, & Medusa B -> C

Abomination is just too slow as he can only remove maybe 1 target along with his counterattack providing only a small amount of damage.

On the other hand, Jabberwok will rarely kill someone on their first cast so it is hard to justify their usage.

Finally, Medusa is strong in theory, but her abysmal HP/DEF means she falls over from a stiff breeze. In addition, her Special can only damage one target at a time and will often not kill them.

 Anubis – Debut at D

Anubis is a powerful support Creature who can buff, heal, resurrect, and deal modest damage. However, it is this modest damage component that makes him not a true-healer and his Defense ranking is reflective of his inability to kill any attacker due to the tiny output.

Building a strong Dungeon Defense

Check out my earlier video on how to build an effective Dungeon Defense for making a strong Floor 1:


This month’s tier list is heavily influenced by the focus being shifted towards powerful Floor 1 set ups. This has altered previously ranked Creatures as players are not able to feasibly fill out all 5 dungeons.

Let me know what you think about the upcoming changes and how you plan to develop and build your team moving forward.

Happy Questing!

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