Creature Quest FAQ/Guide

Contacting ookiii

This wonderful FAQ/Guide was created by ookiii. If you have any questions/concerns/comments/complaints, the best way to contact her is through discord, and you can also find her on MantasticPAD’s discord or the Creature Quest discord, where she is ookiii#1206. You can also reach her by email at

How do I play this game?

There are 4 different aspects of this game, Quest, Kingdom, Challenge, Battle Tower. Quest and Battle Tower are PvE game modes, Challenge is PvP, and Kingdom is used to (eventually) help make your creatures more powerful with shrines to boost stats. Mantastic’s Beginner Guide has a ton of information about these different game modes and the different currencies that is always worth reading, despite not having anything about kingdom.

What do I do first?

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