Epic Creature PvP Tier List


Epic Creatures are the lowest contributor to Dungeon Defense in the current Dungeon Challenge meta because they only spawn on Floor 2 and have almost comparable damage ratios to Common and Rare Creatures. This is because Enchants and Shrines have somewhat closed the stat-gap between all Creatures and enables Smalls to deal respectable damage. On the other hand, by only spawning on Floor 2, Attackers are able to have mana entering their level and will be able to easily deal with them.

Like all tier lists, you should use them as a starting point and make adjustments based on your own situation along with providing feedback if you disagree.

I plan to integrate this Epic Tier List into my monthly PvP Tier lists. If you wish to read the most recent one, please click HERE.

Video commentary

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All of my Tier Lists assume 4 Combo Dots, max Awoken, max level/Totem, optimal Enchants, and Level 30 Shrines. While this is not practical for the average player, it is the best way to truly measure a Creature’s potential.

Scaling off Def or ATK is advantageous as those Creatures can take advantage of the rotating colour buffs for their damage output.

Epics are lackluster

As mentioned above, Epic Creatures play the smallest role in your Dungeon defense. As such, it may appear that they are ranked relatively low, but that is because they are often not the defining feature in your defense.

In order for Epics to regain more relevance, they either need a stat buff or have their Specials reworked to scale higher to help set them apart from the Common and Rare Creatures.

With that being said, Epic Creatures still tend to do more damage than smaller Creatures due to the naturally higher base stats. As such, it is my belief that Epics must be damage dealing Defenders since you can use smaller ones to provide the needed utility.

Thus, it is an Epic Creature’s goal to remove at least 1 target with reliable consistency. While stunning can be of value, they should ideally have respectable damage output otherwise nothing actually dies. In addition, Random Target Specials are underwhelming as they will often fail to kill an Attacker (assumes a full team of 5) as the damage will be too sporadic.

I place little value on Epics that heal or buff without damaging Attackers in a PvP situation.


Creatures appear in no particular order within each tier and assumes 4 Combo Dots. However, a 4-Dot is not always feasible so a safe rule of thumb is to move Creatures up or down 1 tier if 3 or 4 Dot. Thus, a 3-Dot S-Tier Creature will be comparable to a 4-Dot A-Tier.

Epic Flying Creature Dungeon Defense Tier List
February 19, 2018
S  None
Epic Ground Creature Dungeon Defense Tier List
February 19, 2018
Dark Elf

The Dark Elf is the only truly scary Epic Creature. This is because they have the strongest Special in terms of pure damage in the entire game due to the bonus hits and naturally high Crit chance. This enables them to easily delete any White Creature and possibly other colours as well. No other Creature can replicate this and is one reason why they are heavily used in PvE content.

However, their passive potential is marred by the fact that they are on Floor 2 since most attackers are either dead or have mana for Specials and can be easily stunned and killed.

Despite that, just having the chance at instantly deleting an Attacker makes them worth running in almost all scenarios.

Why is no one else S-Tier?

No other Epic Creature is S-Tier because all are significantly weaker than Dark Elf along with having little overall impact on your Dungeon Defense rates. Granted many A-Tier can potentially kill their colour counter, they are often not able to deal enough to outright one shot.

For the most part, either Attackers enter with mana and stun down your Defenders or are already heavily crippled/dead and you simply pick off the last few.

With that being said, you should still try and either populate with the on-colour bonus for the week or run specific colours to counter common attacking teams.


Epic Creatures play the smallest role in your overall Dungeon Defense due to them only spawning on Floor 2. While this is a frustrating scenario for players who were fortunate in obtaining various 4-dot cards, they will sadly go underused.

Happy Questing!

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4 thoughts on “Epic Creature PvP Tier List”

  1. Good info. I’ve been playing around with these for a while and haven’t noticed much difference to any of them. I have stuck with Naga for my ground only because I have a green boss.

    Question though, do you think replacing an Epic flyer with a Rare S would be a good idea?


    1. I would probably just default to the strongest on-colour Epic flier for that week instead. The stat differences are quite high and is especially noticeable in their HP so they can cast several times


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