First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8


Earlier today, VCME teased the patch notes for the upcoming Version 1.8. This article will summarize my first impressions of the upcoming changes along with how they will influence the current meta. You can read the full official post HERE.

New Creatures

There is going to be a new Legendary Creature coming with the next Summoning event along with another Legendary and Cloud Nymph (BT Rare reward) coming in the future.

I do not have information on these new Creatures but they will be integrated within my Tier Lists upon release.

Combo Dot Promotion

Being able to add an extra Combo Dot has been one of the most desired features since the inception of the game. This is because a 4-dot Creature provides significantly more value in Dungeon Defense along with providing an extra 10 Mana compared to a 3-dot when used on your team. While the difference may seem small, it can quickly add up if comparing a full 4 versus 3-dot team.

There is no information as to the requirements of adding a Combo Dot, but you will be able to upgrade all the way up to 4-dots.

It is my presumption that the process will either be freakishly expensive (thinking heavy Diamonds), a long grind (kind of like how Kingdoms is), time gated (can only promote xyz amount at a time and have to wait), or a combination of all of the above.

Regardless of the process, it is safe to assume it will not be an easy task to achieve and we will have to pick and choose who to promote wisely.

Presently speaking, the PvE aspect of the game is doable with nearly full farmable teams (my example Deity clear using only 1 Legendary) and will remain this way unless the new Kingdom Attack (in Version 1.8) changes things.

Thus, the focus will still remain on PvP and building as strong of a Offense and Defense team possible. This means you should be aiming to promote key Rare Creatures and possibly core Legendaries to improve your overall win rates.

With that being said, I can foresee defense rates possibly going down as we will have more optimized Combo Rerolling which will lead to more streamlined teams overall. As a result, I would be more inclined to try and promote the crucial Rare Creatures and plan to follow my Tier Lists as a guideline. For example, promoting a Runic Statue to 4-dots or a Wood Nymph will result in a sizable increase in your overall Defense rates. Thus, if you are able to boast a higher than average Defense rate, the overall expense of refilling and shielding will go down.

Combo Rerolling 2.0

The process of Combo Dot rerolling is painful to say the least as you can easily go countless tries and never actually find the colours you were after. Thus, with the improved rerolling system, you should be better able to find the colours you actually need and can build more efficient teams overall.

This is my current Offense team and I was fortunate to roll pretty ideal colours overall. However, the practice of over-funneling mana into a Creature is the best counter to the Mana-Drain abuse from Defenders. Thus, I would possibly be inclined to make even more White dots to ensure I can always cast a Special on turn 2.

While you can better min-max your Offense team, there may be some merit in building  stronger PvE teams. This encompasses both Expert Quests as well as auto-battle farming. However, I would prioritize your PvP team first.

Creatures attack your Kingdom

From what the patch notes tell me, this sounds like a potentially challenging PvE mode where the rewards may be exceptionally lucrative. Depending on what is presented, new teams and strategies may be required.

The whole PvE aspect is something that Creature Quest has been lacking overall and it is my hopes that this helps revitalize it. I plan to play and provide guidance on this when Version 1.8 is released.

Dungeon Challenge changes

Presently speaking, filling out 3 dungeons provides a single stat bonus for one colour. I have previously stated that this was not enough incentive to fill out multiple dungeons and even with the chance of lowered Specials, many players are still only running 1.

However, with Version 1.8, we will now have 2 colours receiving a boost AND two stats. This was something that I suggested to VCME a long time ago and I am glad to see it come to fruition.

Historically speaking, the only stat modifiers have been DEF and ATK so having both present will greatly bolster your overall Defense rates. I am glad this is coming alongside the Combo Dot reroll changes to help mitigate what would have been another increase in Offense rates.

I would be surprised and terrified if PWR was a featured buff and it would catapult numerous Defenders to new levels of destruction. Buffing LUK would not be as impactful, but it may result in more spike-y damage via Critical Strikes and my beloved Kitsune would become the monster I want it to be.

Battle Tower leaderboards

Battle Tower leaderboards will now display the top score attained by players. This could be somewhat helpful, but if they do not show the breakdown of where the points come from, it may not be that helpful. I am well aware that showing individual teams would hurt many players, but showing the breakdown should not be too detrimental.

However, with Combo Dot rerolling changes, it should be easier to achieve higher Battle Tower scores due to more optimized and streamlined teams.


Version 1.8 has numerous exciting changes and I look forward to being able to use Combo Dot optimized teams as well as the new PvE content through Kingdom Attacks.

How do you feel about the changes and what are you most excited about?

Happy Questing!

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8”

  1. Great breakdown I like it. I am hoping it is a balanced update and just doesn’t favor those with abundant resources. We shall see!


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