PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – April 5th, 2018


Version 1.8 is now live and comes with some of the most exciting changes for PvP within Creature Quest.

Not only are we able to promote any Creature to 4 Combo Dots, but we can also build our dream Attack Teams via perfect Combo Rerolling. This will naturally lead to an increase in Offense rates; however, Defenses are also on the rise due to Two Colours/Stats being buffed during Legendary weeks.

This double buffing opens up numerous combinations for Dungeon Defense as you can now weave interesting combinations and create potentially lethal floors. During the White/Black week, I was able to boast a 70.8% Defense rate while being attacked by all the top players in the game.

In fact, not being in the top guilds helped propel my Prestige as I was continuously attacked and pushed upwards thanks to clever dungeon compositions. You can read more about my winning strategies in my previous article HERE.

This updated Tier List will include all sized Creatures and will do so moving forward.

You can read about the previous Tier List updates HERE.

Current Meta

I personally love the two colour boosted weeks as it helped make Defenses matter as players could potentially climb via Defensive wins. As such, I dearly hope this will extend to the Epic weeks as it will open up a continuous cycle of new Dungeon compositions if two different colours are featured each week.

With that in mind, it is important to prioritize using those on-colour boosted Creatures as they become so much more powerful overall. As such, I will be adjusting my ranking systems to reflect what it means to be S-tier. Continue reading PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – April 5th, 2018