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Shifts in the Battle Tower Meta – August 2, 2017


VCME has released another major update that both upgrades countless non-Legendary Creatures, but also revamps the Battle Tower scoring system. The goal of these changes is to create Creature diversity along with more meaningful usage of non-Legendary cards.

This article will provide some insight on the shifting meta and how to best take advantage of the changes in the Battle Tower

Video commentary

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Battle Tower changes

The Battle Tower has undergone numerous revamps to both excite and raise the level of competition for a top score. Prior to this update, the key to success was to abuse on-colour damage and aim for as much mana and health remaining as possible. Furthermore, resurrecting strategies worked wonders as you could easily revive a dead teammate and continue going.

However, this update has now shifted the focus to using size-specific Creatures and having no one die to ensure the highest survival score possible. Continue reading Shifts in the Battle Tower Meta – August 2, 2017