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Creature Quest Enchanting Guide


Enchanting is a new and exciting mechanic to come to Creature Quest as it allows players to further customize their Creatures to fulfill various roles. Enchants can range from basic (but powerful) stat boosts to healing upon deathblows and improved critical strike chance.

However, the Enchants you gain are randomized and cost varying levels of resources based on Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers. While there will naturally be stronger/better enchants, most are meaningful to a certain degree and some have interesting uses.

This article will summarize my thoughts on Enchanting, provide guidance to min/max your usage, and how the system can be improved.

Video commentary

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What are Enchants?

Enchants come in 4 flavours and are referred to by their primary Kingdoms resource required and have a loose typing associated with them:

  • Wood/Courage: Defensive enchants
  • Ore/Honour: Offensive utility
  • Sulfur/Spirit: Supportive utility/debuffing
  • Mercury/Wrath: Offensive damage

In addition to this, each type of Enchant has 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold that all have varying degrees of cost and potency.

However, the goal of Enchants is to add another layer or dimension of power to your Creatures to help you achieve new levels of greatness.

Some Enchants are naturally stronger while others have more merit/value depending on the game mode you are playing. On this train of thought, Bosses tend to benefit the most from flat stat Enchants as only these are multiplied in a Dungeon. Continue reading Creature Quest Enchanting Guide