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Epic Creature PvP Tier List


Epic Creatures are the lowest contributor to Dungeon Defense in the current Dungeon Challenge meta because they only spawn on Floor 2 and have almost comparable damage ratios to Common and Rare Creatures. This is because Enchants and Shrines have somewhat closed the stat-gap between all Creatures and enables Smalls to deal respectable damage. On the other hand, by only spawning on Floor 2, Attackers are able to have mana entering their level and will be able to easily deal with them.

Like all tier lists, you should use them as a starting point and make adjustments based on your own situation along with providing feedback if you disagree.

I plan to integrate this Epic Tier List into my monthly PvP Tier lists. If you wish to read the most recent one, please click HERE.

Video commentary

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All of my Tier Lists assume 4 Combo Dots, max Awoken, max level/Totem, optimal Enchants, and Level 30 Shrines. While this is not practical for the average player, it is the best way to truly measure a Creature’s potential. Continue reading Epic Creature PvP Tier List