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PvP Meta Changes, Creating Powerful Dungeons, and Lethal Combinations


Version 1.8 is now live and brings some of the most exciting changes to the Dungeon Challenge Meta. Most notable is two colours and two stats being boosted each week. This provides great incentive to fill out multiple dungeons to capitalize on the extra stats. In fact, these changes will modify how I rank Creatures in my Tier lists as we can now reliably experience boosted stats.

This article will highlight how I feel you can create a strong defense along with utilizing powerful combinations to create unexpected and lethal floors.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Disclaimers & assumptions

I do not have a magical crystal ball that can predict the future, but it is my belief that we will enjoy DEF & ATK buffs on a regular basis (judging from the fact that we have never had a week where PWR or LUK was boosted) and will be making my recommendations based on this.

In addition, with the potential to promote Combo Dots on Creatures, we can now enjoy numerous 4 Dots and potentially create more diverse and exciting dungeons. Continue reading PvP Meta Changes, Creating Powerful Dungeons, and Lethal Combinations

First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8


Earlier today, VCME teased the patch notes for the upcoming Version 1.8. This article will summarize my first impressions of the upcoming changes along with how they will influence the current meta. You can read the full official post HERE.

New Creatures

There is going to be a new Legendary Creature coming with the next Summoning event along with another Legendary and Cloud Nymph (BT Rare reward) coming in the future.

I do not have information on these new Creatures but they will be integrated within my Tier Lists upon release.

Combo Dot Promotion

Continue reading First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8