PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – April 5th, 2018


Version 1.8 is now live and comes with some of the most exciting changes for PvP within Creature Quest.

Not only are we able to promote any Creature to 4 Combo Dots, but we can also build our dream Attack Teams via perfect Combo Rerolling. This will naturally lead to an increase in Offense rates; however, Defenses are also on the rise due to Two Colours/Stats being buffed during Legendary weeks.

This double buffing opens up numerous combinations for Dungeon Defense as you can now weave interesting combinations and create potentially lethal floors. During the White/Black week, I was able to boast a 70.8% Defense rate while being attacked by all the top players in the game.

In fact, not being in the top guilds helped propel my Prestige as I was continuously attacked and pushed upwards thanks to clever dungeon compositions. You can read more about my winning strategies in my previous article HERE.

This updated Tier List will include all sized Creatures and will do so moving forward.

You can read about the previous Tier List updates HERE.

Current Meta

I personally love the two colour boosted weeks as it helped make Defenses matter as players could potentially climb via Defensive wins. As such, I dearly hope this will extend to the Epic weeks as it will open up a continuous cycle of new Dungeon compositions if two different colours are featured each week.

With that in mind, it is important to prioritize using those on-colour boosted Creatures as they become so much more powerful overall. As such, I will be adjusting my ranking systems to reflect what it means to be S-tier. Continue reading PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – April 5th, 2018

PvP Meta Changes, Creating Powerful Dungeons, and Lethal Combinations


Version 1.8 is now live and brings some of the most exciting changes to the Dungeon Challenge Meta. Most notable is two colours and two stats being boosted each week. This provides great incentive to fill out multiple dungeons to capitalize on the extra stats. In fact, these changes will modify how I rank Creatures in my Tier lists as we can now reliably experience boosted stats.

This article will highlight how I feel you can create a strong defense along with utilizing powerful combinations to create unexpected and lethal floors.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Disclaimers & assumptions

I do not have a magical crystal ball that can predict the future, but it is my belief that we will enjoy DEF & ATK buffs on a regular basis (judging from the fact that we have never had a week where PWR or LUK was boosted) and will be making my recommendations based on this.

In addition, with the potential to promote Combo Dots on Creatures, we can now enjoy numerous 4 Dots and potentially create more diverse and exciting dungeons. Continue reading PvP Meta Changes, Creating Powerful Dungeons, and Lethal Combinations

First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8


Earlier today, VCME teased the patch notes for the upcoming Version 1.8. This article will summarize my first impressions of the upcoming changes along with how they will influence the current meta. You can read the full official post HERE.

New Creatures

There is going to be a new Legendary Creature coming with the next Summoning event along with another Legendary and Cloud Nymph (BT Rare reward) coming in the future.

I do not have information on these new Creatures but they will be integrated within my Tier Lists upon release.

Combo Dot Promotion

Continue reading First Impressions: Creature Quest Version 1.8

PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – February 24th, 2018


Version 1.7 is in full swing and the incentive to fill out multiple dungeons is at an all time high to help ensure Specials are ready when an Attacker enters your dungeon. However, this is problematic due to the fact that numerous dungeon layouts are lackluster along with insufficient resources to use among so many Creatures.

This has led to two district groups: one tries to fill out as many dungeons as possible to capitalize on the higher chance for starting Specials while the others rely on one amazing dungeon to carry them through.

Both of these strategies is viable even assuming not all 5 dungeons are perfect. This is because of how Combo Dots work along with relying on the Chance to Drain Mana on Basic Attack enchant.

However, we will one day reach a point where players can feasibly fill out all 5 dungeons so we do need to start planning accordingly.

Regardless of how many dungeons you fill out, Floor 1 still remains the most important to populate well.

This updated Tier List will include all sized Creatures and will do so moving forward.

You can read about the previous Tier List updates HERE.

Current Meta

It is hard to predict exactly what is going to become the next Meta, but I have a strong inkling that players may begin to gravitate towards one optimally built dungeon that utilizes the Chance to Drain Mana Enchant on all their Creatures.

However, that strategy will only feasibly work if you are running all 4-Dots to ensure your Specials will charge up after entering with nothing ready. As such, players with less 4-Dots may find merit in running multiple dungeons to help compensate by having Specials already ready when Attackers enter. Continue reading PvP Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common Tier List – February 24th, 2018

Epic Creature PvP Tier List


Epic Creatures are the lowest contributor to Dungeon Defense in the current Dungeon Challenge meta because they only spawn on Floor 2 and have almost comparable damage ratios to Common and Rare Creatures. This is because Enchants and Shrines have somewhat closed the stat-gap between all Creatures and enables Smalls to deal respectable damage. On the other hand, by only spawning on Floor 2, Attackers are able to have mana entering their level and will be able to easily deal with them.

Like all tier lists, you should use them as a starting point and make adjustments based on your own situation along with providing feedback if you disagree.

I plan to integrate this Epic Tier List into my monthly PvP Tier lists. If you wish to read the most recent one, please click HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–


All of my Tier Lists assume 4 Combo Dots, max Awoken, max level/Totem, optimal Enchants, and Level 30 Shrines. While this is not practical for the average player, it is the best way to truly measure a Creature’s potential. Continue reading Epic Creature PvP Tier List

Legendary, Rare and Common Tier List – February 5th, 2018


The arrival of Version 1.7 will once again change up the PvP meta as players are now going to be strongly encouraged to fill out multiple dungeons. This will both provide stat bonuses to the featured colour, but will also provide the opportunity to grant your Bosses stun/silence immunity for their first turn. However, this will prove to be challenging to all but the most veteran players who have a deep Creature roster.

The main drive for filling out multiple dungeon is capitalize on a higher chance of your defender’s Specials being ready upon entering a floor. Sadly, the boost/increase will be on a lower starting value compared to what we currently experience and only equalizes with 5 dungeons. Thus, if you run less than 5, you will have a lower chance to start the floor with a Special ready compared to pre-Version 1.7.

With all that being said, I will begin expanding into Small/Common tier lists with Epics coming soon.

Regardless of how many dungeons you fill out, Floor 1 still remains the most important to populate well.

You can read about the previous Tier List updates HERE.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Current Meta

It is hard to predict exactly what is going to become the next Meta, but if players had unlimited resources, it would probably closely mirror what we are currently experiencing. However, there are not enough ideal 4-dots to go around so compromises will have to be made to fill out a reasonable amount of dungeons.

It is my presumption that filling out only 1 dungeon will result in almost no one starting with a Special ready to fire. Thus, it may be advantageous to fill out at least 3 to capitalize on the stat boosts. Of course filling out 4-5 is ideal, but most players probably have insufficient Creatures to do so.

With this in mind, it will be unlikely players can populate several dungeons with multiple stunning Creatures. Thus, we may begin to see a hybrid of previous strategies and stun-meta: using 1 stunner plus utility as needed followed by high damaging Creatures.

Continue reading Legendary, Rare and Common Tier List – February 5th, 2018

Creature Quest FAQ/Guide

Contacting ookiii

This wonderful FAQ/Guide was created by ookiii. If you have any questions/concerns/comments/complaints, the best way to contact her is through discord, and you can also find her on MantasticPAD’s discord or the Creature Quest discord, where she is ookiii#1206. You can also reach her by email at ookiiicq@gmail.com.

How do I play this game?

There are 4 different aspects of this game, Quest, Kingdom, Challenge, Battle Tower. Quest and Battle Tower are PvE game modes, Challenge is PvP, and Kingdom is used to (eventually) help make your creatures more powerful with shrines to boost stats. Mantastic’s Beginner Guide has a ton of information about these different game modes and the different currencies that is always worth reading, despite not having anything about kingdom.

What do I do first?

Continue reading Creature Quest FAQ/Guide

Legendary and Rare Tier List – December 30th, 2017


The Dungeon Challenge Meta has once again been shaken up by the release of the new Medium Wood Nymph. She is responsible for revitalizing the stun meta as she is able to stun nearly the entire team while also providing modest damage and a wonderful on-death effect.

As a result, many players are now using Wood Nymph (3 or 4-dot) and the Small Toad as a ground AoE stunner. This has resulted in massive stunning but thankfully Creatures can no longer be chain stunned into oblivion.

While the stun-strategy is not exactly fun, it is still less horrible than before since you can at least take an action in between.

With all of the above points in mind, the tier list will experience shifts at the top as older strategies of a mana funnel are less potent for AoE oriented cards.

You can read about the most previous Tier List updates HERE.

I will now be combining my Legendary and Rare Tier list into one post moving forward.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Current Meta

The current PvP meta has now shifted towards nuke-oriented first floors that ideally try to remove key Creatures right away while also relying on stuns to prevent Attackers from retaliating.

This large burst damage combined with the inability to take an action can cripple many players if luck goes against them.

As a result, players are now having to rely more on passive awakenings to stay alive as they are being bombarded by Defender’s Special Abilities. Continue reading Legendary and Rare Tier List – December 30th, 2017

Rare Creature Dungeon Defender Tier List – December 15, 2017


Dungeon Defense in PvP heavily revolved around building a powerful Floor 1 as the second and Boss floors are underwhelming by comparison.

Floor 1 is the primary focus because Attackers enter the dungeon with 0 mana and are somewhat vulnerable to your Specials right away. As a result, it is crucial we try and populate our dungeons as efficiently as possible.

This Tier List will rank all of the Medium/Rare Creatures in terms their overall power and potency to better help you build a better Dungeon.

Video commentary

—video coming soon–

Number of Combo Dots

The number of Combo Dots a Creature greatly influences the speed in which your defender attacks in Dungeon Challenge. The difference between a 3 and 4-dot is so profound that one could argue that a 4-dot of a lower ranked Creature can figuratively move up.

As a result, you can imagine a 4-dot of an A-tier Creature is comparable to a 3-dot of an S-tier when planning your own dungeon.

However, for the purpose of the Tier List, it assumes that each Creature is 4-dots with optimal Enchants. if you wish to read about my Enchanting guide, please go HERE.

Colour Counters

The Colour Counter wheel is another major determinant of Creature performance. This is because you deal double damage, receive half as much damage, and more likely to resist debuffs if strong against your polar opposite while also holding true if the roles are reversed. Thus, a Red Creature will almost always crush something that is Green.

This can leave Defenders in a problematic scenario as Attackers are able to preview and adjust if possible. However, higher ranked Defenders tend to be either White or Black as they are strong against their weakness and can often lead to you killing the Attackers first. Furthermore, with the prevalence/power of White Legendary Creatures, it has become common practice to utilize Dark Defenders.

All in all, it is best to not stack Creatures that are not White or Black as they can be countered more easily.

Dungeon Synergy

The following Tier List evaluates the performance of each Creature without taking into consideration elaborate Defender synergy.

Elaborate Defender synergy is essentially using any 2+ Creatures to enhance the overall performance of your group. This could be multiple Poison characters to more easily trigger the bonus damage, a LUK debuffer to help proc your Mummy awoken effect, or buffing any stat except PWR.

I consider PWR to be by far the strongest stat for a Special to scale off from as it enables you to use 1 buff to dramatically improve the whole team. As a result, PWR buffs tend to be superior to the other stat-modifiers.

Ranking criteria

Prior to the release of Nymph, the Dungeon Defense meta largely worked around Single Target abilities with complimenting support (buffs/debuffs) to enhance those Creature’s performance.

However, with the addition of Nymph, we are starting to see a rise in stuns as she is able to stun multiple targets while providing modest damage. Just be aware that you cannot re-stun the same target so they will be able to take an action eventually.

Points to consider:

  • Does the colour counter popular meta Legendaries?
  • Does the Special deal large amounts of damage (crits, high multiplier etc.)?
  • Does the Special provide reliable stun/silence?
  • Can the Special provide multiple (relevant) buffs/debuffs?
    • Buffs: PWR or Mend
    • Debuffs: PWR, DEF, or Fatigue

Having a healer is helpful, but they need to provide more than just healing to be relevant as a Defender.

Updating Tier Lists

392b70e12e748670f1bbe7c17d3c3885_download-this-image-as-blue-arrow-pointing-up_276-591 Indicates a Creature has moved up that many tiers since the last posting.

arrow-down-red-300px Indicates a Creature has moved down that many tiers since the last posting.

Always assumes max awoken, 4 Combo Dots, and optimal Enchants.

Rare Flying Creature Dungeon Defense Tier List
December 15, 2017
Rare Ground Creature Dungeon Defense Tier List
December 15, 2017

Dungeon selection

Presently speaking, it is is best to run Dungeon 5 or Dungeon 4 if lacking 3 strong Medium Fliers. However, just randomly sticking in high-ranking Creatures is not always the surest path to victory.

You can classify Defenders as Support or Offense and you need a healthy mixture of both to succeed.

Supportive Creatures provide buffs, debuffs, stuns, silence, Resurrection, or any combination of the above. This often means they deal little to no damage. As a result, I would suggest you never run more than 3 Supportive Creatures as your overall damage would be too low and probably fail to stop as many Attackers.

On the flip side, you should run between 3-5 Offensive Creatures and is based on the Creatures you have on hand. You need some Support to augment the performance and the key is finding a healthy balance.

At the moment, I am running 3 Support Creatures and it seems to work quite well.


Rare Creatures play a vital role in constructing a powerful Dungeon Defense. The goal of this Tier List is to help provide a framework/template for your own individual box.

Let me know who you choose to populate your Dungeon with in the comments below.

Happy Questing!

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Updated Legendary Tier List – December 6th, 2017


No major changes have occurred since the last Tier List and defenses are starting to decline as more people catch up in Kingdom levels.

Kingdom Shrines could dramatically swing a fight in one person’s favour and was most profound upon release. However, as we climb higher and higher in levels, it becomes harder to continue upgrading.

This is because it becomes so costly when hitting above level 20 Shrines. This means more players begin to an equal footing compared to before and it is now Enchants that will play a major role moving forward.

With all that being said, Astral Watchers are still one of the most dominating Creatures along with White being the strongest colour overall. This has resulted in more players focusing on a dark-heavy floor one.

Finally, while no one is currently able to run enough dungeons to achieve boss stun/silence immunity, it will most likely happen some time in the distant future.

You can read about the most previous Tier List updates HERE.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Current Meta

The current PvP meta has now shifted towards nuke-oriented first floors that ideally try to remove key Creatures right away. This can be lethal when weaving favourable buffs/debuffs along with heavy Kingdom and Enchanting investment. However, the most popular colour to use is Dark in an attempt to curb the flow of Astral Watchers and other popular White cards. Continue reading Updated Legendary Tier List – December 6th, 2017